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It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of this month we were still in the States on our furlough. We had a great time at Calvary Chapel Lake Buena Vista. After church, they asked us where we wanted to go for lunch. They were surprised when we said anything Mexican. They took us to an authentic Mexican restaurant with the biggest spread that we have ever seen. Natalie even joked with the waiter when she was asked what she would like to drink as she asked if they had Mexican Coca. To Natalie’s surprise – they did! And it was for real – imported from Mexico. We really enjoyed our time there at their church service and appreciate the love and support.

When we came back to S. Florida to end our time of furlough, we had first thing Monday morning the appointment at the Miami Passport Agency. Praise the Lord – everything was in order and in only half of a day, we walked away with new passports for Noah & Caleb (as their old ones had expired during our time of furlough). Thank you all for praying for that. They are now good for another 5 years. After that, we swung by CCA and Noah visited his kindergarten teacher. Every furlough he returns and shares with her new class about Mexico and his missionary life here as well as a little bit of show and tell. And then there are our good friends that let us crash at their house always and give us a great time! We taught them a new card game that we learned from our friends in the Villages and we even got to go out on their boat in the intercoastal. To everyone who met with us and took the time to listen; you blessed in one way or another – thank you. You made us feel appreciated and special.

As we start to plan for what is ahead for Calvary Motul, here are some of the events and ministries we hope to have in the near future:

Wellness Checkups

Meeting with individuals and couples in the church body to see how they are doing. We have already started doing this… we hope to have many more meaningful conversations as we continue to get to know the body better, pray for them, and encourage them.

Free Music Lessons

Now we are in the planning stages behind the scenes of what this will look like, but our hope is to offer music classes to be able to play a few different instruments to those in the body who want learn to later use that gift in worship.


Easter this year falls on April 9. We have already rented a place for the church to meet that has a pool. Please pray for those that want to get baptized to go for it! There is a huge battle for some to take that step because of the opposition from their family that are Catholics.

Women’s Nights

Natalie is finalizing the details of a once-a-month gathering for the women at the church. Each month would focus on a different woman from the Bible. What was her story? How did God use her? What can we learn and use today in our lives as a woman, daughter, wife, mother?

Mid-Week classes

The church body is hungry to learn and we see the need of teaching many topics from a Biblical perspective. Our thought is to have 2-3 week mini-series on Wednesdays throughout this year with breaks in between each topic. This way many would be able to commit to see through each series since it wouldn’t be too long.

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