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Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; PRAYER IS THE GREATER WORK.

Updated 4/6/24


The Lord touched so many hearts since our last update and we have received enough funds to buy another truck!  Praise the Lord for His provision and for those that have given.  Thank you!


This is our newest outreach.  Once a month, we have an open invitation to the city to come and have a cup of coffee as we talk about that night's topic.  A biblical view is given, but others are invited to share as well.  We pray that not only this is another opportunity for new people to come and feel welcome, but that everyone will learn more about what God's truth is on the matter.


As we are coming close to our time of furlough in May, please keep in prayer for our preparations this month.  Between the church, the cafe, and our personal things, there is a lot to get ready and set in place in order for us to be able to leave.

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