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Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; PRAYER IS THE GREATER WORK.

Updated 7/1/24


We are going to offer kids 9 and under to have a free lunch after church service on Sundays. We want to start with our church kids first, fine-tune our systems, and then use this as a neighborhood outreach and offer this to 20 children that live close to the church... then 50, then pray and we will see what happens.  People from the body - our church, your church, you and me all chipping in to help to be able to say, "Bless this meal in the name of Jesus Christ - amen.” Please pray for the funds, volunteers, invitations and connections.  (Read more about it in the June Update)


We want to have a Gala Night for special needs people in Motul; a night where we open our doors to every faith, every belief, to anyone who has a special need in their life. We want to create something special - a night that they and their families are loved and cared for.  Our desire is to share the love that Jesus has for them and for them to know how special they are to Him!  And then, we pray and hope, because of the peace and joy that they found in that night, they would seek after and come back to our church that loves them, accepts them, welcomes them, and they would become a part our Calvary Motul family.  Please pray for funds, the construction, and the preparation and invitations.  (Read more about it in the May & June update)


We had a great week with the team!  Even though the weather was challenging as we had a lot of rain, the Lord was faithful and we saw many new faces at our outreaches.  Also, no one from the team got sick which was a great blessing!

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