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It finally happened. After 3 years, we had our annual VBS again. We did a few things different this year. We wanted to be more intentional with connecting with the parents and not only with the kids who come through our doors. We started a WhatsApp group with the parents of every kid who came to VBS so we could communicate better and stay connected. Weeks before VBS even started we added everyone who signed up online and we would send them the videos of the songs we would do at VBS. Our youth worship team recorded them so the kids could learn the songs before they even got there! We would also send them a video update of each day and when it was all over, we invited them to come back for church on Sunday. We also had the bracelet bands as a more secure way of checking in and out kids, but this allowed the parent who was wearing the second bracelet that matched their child’s to come onto the property at the end and see what it’s like. We had nearly 50 kids each day and every day was a blast! Most of the kids that came were not church kids, and it was their first time ever coming to our church.

We had a short-term mission team of 6 people that came from Calvary LBV specifically to serve alongside us for VBS. They were well integrated among our church volunteers for our 3 days of VBS. As we needed more volunteers, they were a big help and support and the perfect fit. They enjoyed making new friendships, experiencing the culture, and serving alongside their brothers and sisters in Christ in Motul.

The greatest thing so far that we saw from the aftermath of VBS was the Sunday morning service turnout. We had 6 new families come to the church service that weekend! That is bigger than any other turn out after any outreach event that we have had in the past. We also had a family game night that Sunday night and had 3 new families (from VBS) that came out for that. Everyone had so much fun.

As most of this month was preparing for VBS and the team coming, we can’t forget the special baby dedication we had with our newest addition to the church family. She is such a cutie and a miracle from the Lord.

Our next focus is repairing/replacing a lot of our sound and visual equipment. We had a lot of things go wrong before VBS, and it’s that time to replace a lot of the equipment as it is old and beyond repair. We are praying for the Lord’s guidance and provisions as we pray to find good deals and make good decisions.

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Sep 06, 2022

It really blesses me to see all your pics. Thank you for taking the time to post them and write about your adventures with the Gospel. Love your ideas of including parents! Love to your whole family! 💛

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