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Many have been asking about when our next baptism would be. Usually we would wait until March or April and have it on Easter weekend. But in November? The water is too cold. When we announced that we would have a baptism this month, that was the first reaction. But we just couldn’t wait until next year. This time we had it at the beach – about a 20 min drive north of Motul – in the Gulf of Mexico. It was going to be a family beach day / baptism. With about 50% of those who wanted to go not having any transportation, the church rented a large vehicle to make sure everyone who wanted to go could go. We had been praying for a perfect day… and it was. It was sunny, no wind, and the beach water was like a lake. We had the beach all to ourselves. We started the morning with a time of worship and then Len shared a small teaching on what it means to be baptized. Among those that were prepared to get baptized, there was a new family that has been coming to the church since VBS this summer - the grandma, the mom, and the daughter all got baptized! It was a glorious celebration! Afterwards, we had a fun time of fellowship, sharing packed lunches, and some friendly games of beach soccer and volleyball. And, of course, the kids has a blast playing in the sand!

We are moving forward with preparing to open a Christian school in the future. We are super excited and nervous at the same time! The families in the church body are waiting with great anticipation. A Christian school would be such a great ministry opportunity to the community here. Endless possibilities. In looking over the property paperwork and legal documents, we discovered that some things needed to be changed. This is super important and is necessary to be done before we proceed with anything else. These changes will cost roughly $6,000 dollars. Please join us in praying for God’s provision for this need. If you would like to give specifically for this need, please contact us.

Our furlough is less than 2 months away. We hope to see you during our time in Florida. We still yet have the need of a car while we are there. If you have one we can borrow or rent from you, please contact us. Here are some dates of where we will be:

JAN 18 @ 6:30PM

Calvary Fort Lauderdale

JAN 19 @ 10AM

Reveal Fellowship Women’s Bible Study (Natalie only)

JAN 21 @ 6:00PM

Calvary Fort Lauderdale

JAN 29 @ 10AM

Calvary Villages

FEB 5 @ 10:35AM

Calvary Lake Buena Vista

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