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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The playground piece that we had for the park area for the kids was bought and built by a mission team from Calvary Boca over 5½ years ago. It has had hundreds of kids play on it, multiple VBS years of fun, and it has brought many smiles to young faces. Unfortunately, wood doesn’t last forever here. Due to the safety of the kids, we had to take it down as it was falling apart. We are currently in the process of saving and fixing up this playground area for the church. Even though we had to say goodbye to the playhouse, we kept the swings and will be remaking the bar and A-frame to mount it against the back of the building. When we have rainy Saturdays, Sundays become very muddy as most of the playground area is dirt. At the end of this month, we had installed turf in the play area and can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they come to church Sunday!

Earlier this month we had a thunderstorm that knocked out the power for four hours. We brought out our lanterns and Caleb learned how to play solitaire. Later on in the month, we saw that we were in the path of hurricane Grace. After the damage from last year’s storms, we didn’t want to take any chances. We cleaned up everything outside and picked up all of the electrical equipment at the church property as well as preparing our own home. The night before it was suppose to hit, it turned a bit south. We are thankful for those that were praying as we only got a bit of a windy day.

With the constant maintenance against the effects of humidity, the front café room walls needed to be taken care of as this original building is old. We haven’t seen any mold yet like last year. We are hoping that it doesn’t come back.

We currently have 4 Sunday school teachers and they all rotate teaching one Sunday a month. All of the kids can’t wait until their classroom door opens and mostly all of them know their memory Bible verse every week. Natalie had the opportunity to teach this month at there were 5 Sundays this month. She so enjoyed being able to serve the kids in this capacity as that is one of her passions. Praise the Lord this ministry is open (after being closed for over a year) and we can see our children grow in their knowledge of the Lord!

Our furlough is coming up soon. In the month of November, we will be in the states traveling to different locations and churches to visit and share the stories of the ministry here. We hope to see you and we will be posting our schedule in our next update.

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