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June was a busy month, but now in July, this whole month was dedicated to preparing for our biggest outreach – VBS! Natalie has been spending every day planning all of the details from scratch. From writing the theme/curriculum, videos, finding supporting crafts and games,there were so many details that all needed to come together. This year our VBS Is entitled “The Great Escape!” During our 3-day VBS, we will teach a different story of a great escape from the Bible. Day 1 will be about Noah and how he excaped the flood by building and ark with his obedience to God. Day 2 we will talk about how Moses trusted in the Lord even when many doubted and God’s people escaped Pharoah and the Egyptians by crossing the Red Sea. On our last day we’ll share the story of how Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego stood up for what was right and then escaped the fiery furnace because Jesus was with them. Every day we will have worship, teaching, games, crafts, and every kids gets a meal to eat. We will even have an escape room for each age group to experience! Now we are just a couple days away as our VBS as it is August 3-5 from 9am-12pm.

With focusing mostly on VBS and doing all of the behind-the-scene stuff, we don’t have many photos to share this month. But next month will be full of photos and video from VBS as well as any other events and ministry that we get a chance to capture. One thing to share is that the women’s nights are going really well. They had their 5th gathering this month and during this night we had 5 new ladies come that have never even been to our church! It was a blessing to see them! We have seen the fruit from this ministry.

Please keep our VBS outreach in your prayers. As our church kids do attend, the majority of kids that come are not from Calvary and most are not Christians. We always pray for the love of Jesus to be unforgotten by the experience they will have. Please keep the parents in prayer as we meet them and talk with them; that this wouldn’t be the only time they come to church. Our hope is that these families would return on Sunday for church to come to know our Lord Jesus. Also, please keep the weather and safety in your prayers. We are super excited and can’t wait!

Here's some casual pics we took of some holiday and birthday celebrations as well as our vbs prep night.

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