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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Two new babies have been born this month among our church families.

Such a great celebration of new life.

We are grateful to the Lord for safe deliveries and healthy babies.

We don’t have any photos yet,

just of the drive-by baby shower.

It has been almost 2 years since our church doors had to be closed due to the restrictions of Covid. Then after 8 months of no gatherings, we were able to meet as a church once again. But even since reopening, we have not been able to have any events or gatherings beyond our Sunday church service… until now. We are feeling that things are starting to change and we are getting excited. Our ministry team will be getting together to start to plan and we just can’t wait. We even brought the chairs in the sanctuary a bit closer and now we can actually sit next to a friend in church.

The youth worship team that leads worship for the Children’s Ministry has grown;

this month it has doubled in size! We have had different youth from our church ask to be a part and now they have started practicing with the team on Friday nights. Starting in March, they will be scheduled to participate in leading worship with the youth team on Sunday mornings for the kids.

When Covid first hit, we started our weekly prayer meetings on Wednesday nights on Zoom. Over time, the numbers started to go down; but this month we changed things up. We had our first monthly prayer meeting at our house and had a great turn out, including entire families with their kids that came out. We hope that these nights that we meet together stir up the desire to pray in the hearts of not only the adults, but the kids too!

Calvary Chapel Norte (one of the Calvary churches in Merida - the capital city) hosted a worship night at their outdoor property. They invited all of the Calvary Chapels in the state of Yucatan. I think even a few came from Quintana Roo. With an estimate of 800-900 people attending, there was about 3 hours of Christian worship music from 3 different bands. A good sized group from Calvary Motul went out to be a part. It was a good experience for our church to see other believers outside their own city.


At the end of this month, we announced that Abimael, our church deacon, is now the official youth leader. He has been serving in this role for some time, but now he has the official title and we are excited for what he is going to do with it. There are many ideas and plans for things to come… you will just have to stay tuned to see what is happening! But soon we will be starting on the children’s worship/youth center. There is a great need for this place and we have saved up enough donations to have the roof constructed. But that is only the beginning. We still we need to raise a lot more funds to finish this space with electricity, flooring, doors, sound system, lights, chairs, etc. If you would like to help financially with this project, you can donate directly to our PayPal and all funds will be go directly for this, or you can donate through Shepherd’s Staff with a note saying it’s for the children’s worship/youth center.

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