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  • Natalie Raynor


We made it our goal to complete the youth / Children’s Ministry worship room by the end of the month. On June 29, the last project was completed. This month we focused on the final touches that the room needed: a second AC unit was installed, the front doors were completed and installed, we created some paneling to make the sanctuary doors more soundproof, and the sound paneling on the walls in the youth room was finished. The sound paneling for the walls consisted of 192 “egg-crate” type foam squares that we ordered off of Amazon. They all had to be soaked in water, rung out, and then have some time in the dryer along with a few days after that of airing out. Then we purchased some large pink insulation panels from Merida so we would have something for the foam squares to stick to. The pink panels were screwed in place on the walls, and then the foam squares were glued to them. A lot of work! Because all of the walls are made out of concrete, hanging anything becomes a big deal. But in the end, we hope they stick!

During the most recent youth night, they were able to meet in the new room! We still don’t have any sound or video equipment (we are praying for that), but we had chairs and a portable speaker and they had a good time. It was so nice to have that room to use, especially since it was raining.

This month we hit our 8-year mark. Perhaps because we have been here so long, but we actually forgot about our anniversary date and didn’t remember it until a few days later! As always, we have our year-reflection video for you to get as glimpse of what the Lord did in this past year. Just amazing!

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