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Updated: Jan 1

Every Christmas we plan to have the Sunday School class practice a song or something to perform live at our Christmas church service.  This year, we did things a little differently.  We had all of the kids and youth meet at the church one night, many dressed up in their festive clothes.  Natalie filmed all of them dancing and having fun together.  After the editing process, we were able to show it at our Christmas Eve service.  They all did such a good job and everyone loved watching it.  You can watch it too if you click the link!

This December might have been the fullest is has ever been.  We had cookie decorating nights at the café, one especially for the women of the church because that is our annual tradition, a family leadership lunch with a chocolate elephant gift exchange, a family Christmas movie night, and then both Sunday services landed on holidays so we did church a little differently.  For Christmas Eve, we kept the service at normal time because their family celebrations are at night.  We mixed the worship in between kid songs and adult songs followed by Len teaching a Christmas message for the family service.  Afterwards we had hot chocolate and decorated Christmas cookies for everyone.  For New Year’s Eve, we also had a family service but we changed the time until the evening.  We had some visitors that came along with family and friends.  It’s always nice to see new faces.  We just finished the church courtyard this month with some beautiful changes with the lighting, table and chairs, and some games.  After the service, we all shared dinner together as every family had brought some food to share.  The weather was nice and chilly and everyone had a great time eating, playing games, and the children hitting the piñata.


For those of you that read the email that we sent out earlier this month about the single mom in our church having the need of fixing up her place that she will soon be moving into, we wanted to let you know that we have begun that process of helping her.  Natalie spent a couple days over there patching up the walls to get it ready for paint, and we have scheduled this week for an electrician and a small construction team to start doing some work.  Our biggest expense is building her an outdoor kitchen.  The only plumbing that is available in the house is in the bathroom; so, we plan to have a concrete floor poured, a roof built, and to have some counterspace along with a kitchen sink and stove installed.  We thank those of you who have given to help her with all of this.  If any of you would still like to help, please contact us:

We have a team coming here soon from January 8-12.  Please keep us in your prayers as it is only our family who are with them day to day and it is a busy schedule.  Please keep our health in your prayers, for the weather to be in our favor, and for the ministry events to be impactful.

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