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Christmas Festivities

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

This month was full of festivities in celebrating Christmas. With no restrictions this year, it was nice to have so many events to be with one another. Of course, we continued our church café tradition of having cookie decorating nights every Thursday night. Families and friends come out to make fun memories of choosing their favorite sugar cookie shapes and decorating them with colored icing and sprinkle toppings. These nights are always a favorite. But we also had a night set aside for the women of the church in which they get to decorate their own cookies. In fact, we have a contest every year and vote for the top three best cookies with prizes. It is always a good time with just the ladies being able to fellowship together and have fun.

We invited the leadership to bring their kids as well to our meeting this month at our house. We splurged as one of us drove to Merida to get pizza from Little Caesar’s for our lunch. This year we introduced them to the white elephant gift exchange. They had never heard of it before. We played the version where the gift you bring is something you own. Everyone had a lot of fun. We also were able to squeeze in a Christmas family movie night at the church. Everyone had popcorn as we watched some Christmas cartoon classics.

Being that Christmas day landed on a Sunday this year, we had our Christmas service on Friday evening, December 23rd. This also was the date of an 8-year old’s birthday who is in our Sunday school. She was asked by her family if she wanted a party, but her response was that she wanted to go to church that night and have the church sing to her happy birthday and share her birthday cake with everyone. So that night we did just that and she was filled with joy.

Having the weekend off, our family enjoyed some good quality time. Our Christmas gifts this year were simple, practical and very much appreciated. We all were very grateful. It was nice to have some time off and just enjoy each other.

Why Calvary? This is a short video we were able to produce for those in the church body to share with their family, friends and social medial.

Now we are just about 2 weeks away from starting our furlough. We have lots of preparations still yet to come to get everything ready for while we are gone. Please keep our health and travels in your prayers. We did have our need met of transportation for while we are in the states. Thank You, Lord!!! We hope to see you while we are in town. If you don’t have our contact info, you can always reach us through Facebook. See you soon!

JAN 18 @ 6:30PM

Calvary Fort Lauderdale

JAN 19 @ 10AM

Reveal Fellowship Women’s Bible Study (Natalie only)

JAN 21 @ 6:00PM

Calvary Fort Lauderdale

JAN 29 @ 10AM

Calvary Villages

FEB 5 @ 10:35AM

Calvary Lake Buena Vista

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