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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

In September, we celebrate 2 birthdays in our family. Caleb turned 10 years old this year. He chose to celebrate by spending a night at a hotel in Merida with his family instead of having a party. It was a great gift for all of us! It was a 24-hour getaway to enjoy each other and just refresh. Turning 10 in the Raynor family brings some changes. Caleb can now go to the gym to work out with Len, he can choose to serve at church in the babies/toddlers’ ministry or café ministry, and he can stay up a half an hour later with his bedtime, but spend that extra 30 minutes reading in his room. He also left the Children’s Ministry and started going to the youth classes on Sundays. His birthday this year was a big one. He soon will be starting to serve in the café ministry and is super excited about that. Len also celebrated his birthday later in September. Some in the church got a cake and drinks to share after the church service. He had a great birthday weekend celebrating with our family and then with the church.

We have continued working on the playground area of the church after the turf got put in last month. We found someone in Merida selling a mountain climber playground piece. We knew we would never see again if we didn’t buy it so we got it. Len and another guy from church worked on constructing a swing set frame to reinstall the swings on the other side. This time it is made out of metal – so it should last a really long time! The kids (and parents) just loved it! And after rainy Saturdays, our Sunday mornings aren’t muddy anymore. The park drains great!

This month Jessica stepped up and translated for the church services 3 weeks in a row. We are so proud of her and how far she has come. We are currently in the process of having two men in the church step up in leadership positions – one to serve as a deacon, and the other who currently is a deacon to serve as an elder. We are excited for them and their families. They have served faithfully and we are grateful for their help and support in the ministry.

We are less than 5 weeks away from our furlough in November and are really looking forward to seeing many of you. Here are some dates of when and where we will be that you can come see us. If you would like to contact us, please just email us or if you have WhatsApp, just send us a text.


Saturday, Nov. 6 @ 6PM Calvary Fort Laud campus

Noah shares with SIX78

Natalie & Caleb lead kids worship in Kids Live

Sun., Nov. 7 @ 9AM / 11AM Calvary Fort Laud campus

Noah shares with SIX78

Natalie & Caleb lead kids worship in Kids Live


Sunday, Nov. 14 @ 10AM Calvary Chapel Villages

visiting and sharing at Calvary Chapel Villages


Sunday, Nov. 28 @ 10:35AM Calvary Lake Buena Vista

visiting and sharing at Calvary Lake Buena Vista

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