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We have been looking forward to this day for 2 years. The day that we could baptize once again. Because of the Covid restrictions, it was against the law to baptize…. until now. On this Easter Sunday, we would be baptizing once again. We had rented a meeting facility that had a food serving area, a pavillion, and a pool. We have done this before, but the last time we had was 3 years ago. Since then some of our kids have grown up into the youth group and now had been waiting for when they could be baptized. Early Easter morning we set up chairs and the sound system for the Easter service. We had food and tables put aside ready for the lunch later that day. Nelson and Natalie started our service with a time of worship as Len followed with an Easter message. The service was packed. Immediately afterward we all walked over to the pool area to witness 5 of our youth get baptized. What a celebration! Then we all enjoyed each other’s fellowship in a free time of eating and hagning out in the pool. What a great day.

This year we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. With Natalie’s mom living here now, we were able to get away for 24 hours in Merida as she stayed back to be with the boys. We are truly grateful for the work that the Lord has done in our marriage and how He continues to use us together as a united couple. We wouldn’t trade it for anything!

The youth nights continue to grow. We have doubled our numbers in attendance from the first youth night until now (in only 4 weeks)! Many new youth are still coming as well as coming back. The youth building is coming along fast. This month all of the electrical was completed and the tile floor was put in. Next month we hope to get the AC installed, all of the painting done, and the entrance door made and installed. We are still collecting any donations for the bells and whistles (sound and video equipment) if you would like to hop in and be a part. We can’t wait to see the things that the Lord will do with the events and ministry that will take place in this room!

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