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Updated: May 1

Since our last update, so many of you have reached out to us.  Many of you blessed us with funds to be able to buy another truck.  We weren't expecting such a response.  The Lord still surprises us!  Len's truck was declared 'totaled' by the insurance and we will not be able to get it back.  We have been searching since for the right truck with the funds that the Lord has blessed us with.


One day we went to Merida to get some errands done and decided to stop by the car ac mechanic we know to have him check out a problem we have been having in our car.  As we pull up into his workshop, there is a black truck that looks almost identical to Len's truck that was in the car wreck.  We couldn't believe it.  It was an older model, but in better condition than Len's other truck was.  It was the owner's personal truck.  He let us drive it for fun as our car's ac was worked on.  As we drove away that day we thought - what are the odds?

Since then we continued to look in the used market, we made appointments to go look at trucks, but nothing was working out.  We decided to pray about the truck we saw at the mechanic's shop.  Len contacted the owner and asked him if he would sell it.  Less than a week later, Len bought it and drove it back to Motul.  Simply amazing!  To be able to buy a vehicle from someone we know and trust - that means a lot!  We couldn't have planned this - it was all God!  We thank each one of you who have kept us in your prayers throughout this time.  And we thank each one of you who gave the funds for us to be able to buy another truck.  May the Lord bless you tenfold!

This Easter we decided to "stay home" and have the church service at our property.  In the past, we have rented a facility to host our Easter service.  Moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, teenagers, kids, and babies - we all sat together.  Even the newest baby in our church, baby Oliver (less than 2 months old), with his parents came. Everyone gathered in the sanctuary for a time of worship and teaching as well as sharing a time of communion.  We had asked the church for all to bring a plate of food to share so we could eat together after the service.  So, we all formed a line and each piled on their plate with what food they liked.  We had ping-pong, cornhole, and arcade basketball outside for the kids (and adults)... it was a great time of fellowship and celebrating our Lord's resurrection.

In May we will be going on our furlough.  We will be starting in South Florida and making our way up to northern Florida.  We are in need of a ride to be picked up from the airport (6pm/Apr 30) and dropped off (9am/May23) at the Miami Airport if anyone is available.  If you would like to catch up with us, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.  The places we will be for church services are listed below.


MAY 4 @ 6:00PM

Calvary Ft. Lauderdale

(Ft. Lauderdale)


MAY 5 @ 8:30AM

Reveal Fellowship

(Lake Worth Beach)


MAY 12 @ 10:00AM

Calvary Villages



May 19 @ 11:00AM

Mt. Horeb Missionary Baptist

(High Springs)

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