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In Mexico, they have a holiday called "Día del Niño."  It is a day in which children are celebrated.  Starting many days before April 30, in the schools the kids have special treats or activities in which they are celebrated.  For us at Calvary Motul, we didn't want to miss honoring them on Sunday.  In their Sunday school class, each of the kids got to decorate (and eat) a sugar cookie, they had special prizes and even cotton candy!  All of the kids and youth were served pizza.  They had an exciting day!

To give you a little peak of typical life here... the street in front of our house is currently being worked on.  They broke up the old road to prepare to pave a new one.  In the process of breaking up the road, they also broke many of the water lines.  After the 5th day of having no water at our house, Len decided to fix it himself.  Things over here just take a lot longer.

There have been some changes in the ministry leadership these last few months.  We are trying to balance more of the church responsibilities and oversight among the leadership team as Natalie was spread out thin covering a lot.  She now continues to lead the women's ministry, but in worship there has been a change.  She will be leading the children's worship team and splitting her time on Sundays.  She will play with the worship band in the sanctuary two times a month and then the other two Sundays she will be with the children's ministry for worship.  She is super excited to be back with the kids in worship as this has always been one of her passions.

We have started an economic lunch ministry after church on Sundays.  We have a volunteer team that cooks and prepares an affordable lunch to bless the families at the church as well as for blessing others in need at no cost.  We had a grandma with her four grandchildren that came to church this month for their first time.  She had just lost her son (the kids' father) in December due to a motorcycle accident.  The mother had left her kids and now the grandma is taking care of her four little grandchildren.  It was nice to have our church lunches to be able to bless them with and see their whole family eat a good meal.   We hope they come back so we can continue to minister to them and share the love of Jesus.

We are currently here in the states on our furlough!  The places we will be for church services are listed below.  We'd love to see you!

MAY 4 @ 6:00PM

Calvary Ft. Lauderdale

(Ft. Lauderdale)


MAY 5 @ 8:30AM

Reveal Fellowship

(Lake Worth Beach)


MAY 12 @ 10:00AM

Calvary Villages



May 19 @ 11:00AM

Mt. Horeb Missionary Baptist

(High Springs)

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