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Early this month we received the notice about the face masks regarding Covid – they are no longer required for outdoors or indoors! The only places they are required are hospitals/clinics and public transportation. We were so excited to hear the news! Those that serve in the church café ministry were extremely grateful as it can get very warm working in this weather and having to wear a mask. It is nice to see smiling faces once again.

This month we had 2 big celebrations. One of them was a celebration of a couple getting their marriage certificate. A wedding is soon to come! The other was a teenager in our church – it was her 15th birthday. This is the biggest birthday to celebrate in the culture here. Her parents decided to provide lunch and cake after the Sunday service in honor of their daughter. It was also a special as she just joined the adult worship team and sang for her first time that Sunday.

The youth/C.M. worship room is continuing to be used. It is such a blessing to have. One Saturday a small group of men from our church went to a Calvary Chapel Men’s conference in Cancun. That night Natalie led the youth ministry with the help of the youth leader’s wife. It was 2 hours of a lot of fun!!! This month we started having youth night every Saturday as opposed to the past of having it every other Saturday. All of the youth that come really enjoy it.

The last Saturday was the weekend of the Day of the Dead. There were many traditional festivities going on in the city center every night, but we decided to have a night of our own at the church – Night of Life. The youth that normally come to youth nights came out as well as many families from our church. We had a time of games, worship, drama, and a short message from Len. We pray that through these events, the Lord is continuing to reach the hearts of those who don’t have a personal relationship with Him… and for those who know Him – that their faith grows deep and strong.

On January 17th we will be coming for our time of furlough. We will be traveling throughout Florida for about 3 weeks. We hope to see many of you while we are there. We wanted to put out there a need that we have to see if anyone would be able to help us out - we are in need of transportation for these 3 weeks (to use or rent!). If you have a vehicle that we would be able to use for that time, we would be so very grateful. Please let us know!

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