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Updated: Feb 4, 2023

As we are in the middle of our time of furlough, we look back on the time we have already had and see how amazing God is.

We started in South Florida staying with good friends and attending Calvary Fort Lauderdale. Noah was invited to share in the high school ministry and Caleb shared in the Middle school ministry. We hope to be receiving a youth team in the summer and we hope that from their time of sharing, God has already stirred some hearts to sign up! Natalie also had the opportunity to share at a lady’s study at Reveal church.

Driving up into the northern part of the Florida, we then visited Len’s family. The weather was the coldest here – getting down into the 30’s! One night we all went to Cedar Key for the night and watched the sunrise from the pier. Some good memories were made!

Next, we headed to Calvary Chapel Villages. We enjoyed spending time with each of them as we played bocce, went out for dinner, played card games, went shopping, cooked hotdogs and smores over the fire… we were all so blessed. On Sunday the church had a luncheon and as most of the congregation stayed, we talked about our life and ministry in Mexico. We also shared the need of new sound and audio equipment for the youth ministry. When our time was over, but before we left the building, we were told that the cost for the new equipment has been covered! We walked out smiling from ear to ear! God is so good!

One prayer request we have: on Monday, February 6, the boys have an appointment at the Miami Passport Agency to get their passports renewed. Theirs expired while we were here. Please pray for no complications, favor and a quick turn around!

As we have shared what God has done in 2022 with the churches here, we not only talked about it, but were able to shown them. Here is the video that recaps some of the highlights of what the Lord did last year:

The next big step that we have asked all to join us in prayer about – starting a school at Calvary Motul. This is a next BIG step for us. As we are gathering the information and making the notes needed to put something like this together, one of the biggest parts is finding more property. We are nervous, we are excited, and we are trusting in our God for every step of the way. If you would like to be involved and support the ministering to this next generation and reaching unsaved families through the ministry of a christian school, please click one of the links below.

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