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Updated: Apr 30, 2022

We started the youth / children’s worship center project this month. We had enough money saved to get the roof put on. For the last 2 and a half weeks the construction crew has been working hard. Today the roof is completed and the funds are all used up. But we had another huge blessing this month with a big donation towards this project (thank you to that someone!). Now we can continue to work on this project with moving ahead with the electrical, tile, doors, painting, acs… etc. After we get all that done, we will need some video/sound equipment. We are praying for funds to purchase a projector and a sound system. If you would like to help financially with completing this project, please just make a note with your donation and it will be used 100% towards it!

Our family had the chance to go to Progresso, one of the local beaches here that is about an hour away. We hadn’t been there in years, so much has changed. It was nice family time to get away for an afternoon and enjoy each other and seeing the ocean. We spent a lot of time on one of the piers just watching the pelicans. We are thankful for these opportunities to spend with each other and to have just a time to relax.

After a year of studying the book of Revelation on Sunday mornings, we finally finished it! We celebrated by having a trivia game and split the congregation into two teams – side versus side. We all had a blast and the winners got to go in line first for the food line! This is the first church food event we have done in over two years. Everyone brought a dish to share and we had a fun time of fellowship after service enjoying everyone’s delicious foods. We look forward to planning much more times together in the future.

The kids and youth have a Bible verse each month that they can choose to memorize and quote to get tickets to spend in the ticket store that has toys and prizes. Two girls this month each saved up their tickets to buy a Bible! What a blessing to see how they value the Word of God and want a Bible of their own! Some of the kids from our Sunday school class have returned to church these last few weeks. We are praying for these families that they would desire to come to church and be with the family of God. Every Sunday we see the kids just enjoy it so much.

The youth nights have started back up and we have had a great turn out! The youth leader from our church has been planning and organizing them, having them once every two weeks on Saturday nights. On the first youth night, many of the youth from our church brought their friends. They had a blast and even more came back 2 weeks later for the next youth night! We are so excited for this ministry and are praying that these teenagers that our new to our church will hear the Gospel and come to know Jesus personally.

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