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Len & Natalie led a team of youth to Mexico for the first time.  It was a 10-day trip filled with much ministry in different cities that had Calvary Chapels; Merida was one of them.  Natalie was three months pregnant with Caleb at the time and Noah was almost three.  As we always have kept our eyes and hearts open to the Lord and His calling on our life when we go on mission trips, nothing was tugging on our hearts at this time.

2011 team.jpg


Len went back to lead another team of youth. Natalie, along with our two boys, stayed behind due to Caleb being so young. Len was more open to the possibility of this place and God was working in his heart. We started to pray.

2013 our family.jpg


We returned as a family, leading yet another team of youth.  This was Caleb's first mission trip.  He was only 1 year old.  He was very flexible in traveling and sleeping practically anywhere to get his naps in. Noah was 4 and this was his 5th mission trip. He was able to perform in the dramas and mime dance on the streets, sing songs in Spanish, and share the gospel with a father and daughter. And they prayed to follow Jesus! On this trip Len knew in his heart that this was the place God was calling our family to move to and serve.  He was able to connect with a missionary over there to see the possibilities of this becoming a reality. The door was wide open and we were gladly welcomed. Coming back from this trip, we started to pray even more and began the preparations and connections to see it through. So excited that we get to be long-term missionaries in Mexico! We see the need, we love the people, and we are ready to serve.

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