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Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; PRAYER IS THE GREATER WORK.

Updated 2/1/23


There are many upcoming ministries and events that are in the praying and planning stages.  You can read the details at the end of our February update.  Please pray for God's perfect wisdom, provision, and timing.


We got them!  Thank you so many for praying.


We are moving forward with preparing to open a Christian school in the future.  We are super excited and nervous at the same time!  The families in the church body are waiting with great anticipation.  A Christian school would be such a great ministry opportunity to the community here.  Endless possibilities.  In looking over the property paperwork and legal documents, we discovered that some things needed to be changed.  This is super important and is necessary to be done before we proceed with anything else.  These changes will cost roughly $6,000 dollars.  Please join us in praying for God’s provision for this need.  If you would like to give specifically for this need, please contact us.

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